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ACCUSCAN Propeller Profiler:

5"-45" Diameters

Developed to suit the needs of increased accuracy in today's marine industry the ACCUSCAN Propeller Profiler provides an efficient method to assess and fine tune your propeller. This enables us to refine propeller geometry to achieve the highest level of performance, accuracy, consistency and reliability. Improvements can even be made to brand new propellers.

The next time you purchase a new prop, require tuning/modifications or a repair, inquire about the benefits of having your prop inspected using digital inspection systems.

You wouldn't continue to drive a car with flat, damaged or out of balance tyres as this could do damage to your drive train and engine, waste valuable fuel and diminish performance.

Harmonics and or vibrations can cause major damage to various parts on a boat, from simply vibrating items loose up to fatigue fractures in key components and potentially internal engine damage. This can be very expensive and at a minimum a waste of fuel making the additional small cost in the assurance that your new propeller or repair is 100%, a good investment.
Also after any hub is re-bushed the blades will require slight tuning to true up the alignment.

Is your boat not performing like it used to? If you want to see the true potential of your machine, optimize efficiency and save fuel, minimize engine wear or just tailored to your use it is worth considering having your propeller Accuscanned. You may spend a little more for this service, but it will reward you with a vessel operating at its peak and minimized fuel use. Even minor damage or inconsistencies in manufacture can affect all aspects of acceleration, handling, engine life, top end speed and even fuel efficiency, you will feel the benefits and receive the payback in no time.

Key Benefits
  1. Improved fuel economy
  2. Increased acceleration
  3. Maximize speed
  4. Reduced vibration
  5. Reduced slip
  6. Correct engine RPM and loading
  7. Detailed assessments before and after allowing duplication on replacement or repair
  8. Accurate repairs, rebuilds, modifications and adjustments

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