Australia's Original Prop Shop Propeller Repairs

Propeller Repair & Modification Services

  • Pitch changes
  • Re-bushing
  • Rake changes
  • Remove cup, add cup, wrap around cup
  • Roll leading edge
  • Reduce diameter or change blade configuration
  • Accuscan Propeller Scan Reports 
  • Blade thinning 
  • Shaft, rudder, strut (skeg) straightening
  • Cav plate straightening
  • Shaft seals & bearings

Picture supplied by Malibu Boats


  1. Bore or bush is inspected.
  2. Diameter is measured & blade pitch checked using our ACCUSCAN Propeller Profiler.
  3. Propeller is approximately straightened.
  4. Cracks and chips are welded and blade edges are built up using the TIG Welding Process.
  5. Blade tips (ears), Leading and Trailing edges are ground to shape.
  6. Positive (back) & Negative (front), pressure sides are finished as necessary.
  7. Leading & Trailing edges are aligned.
  8. Cupping reinstated, added or removed as required.
  9. Final pitch is corrected, or set to customerís requirements using ACCUSCAN Profiler.
  10. Propeller is balanced.
  11. Surface is finished. (Primed & painted or satin or mirror polished, original or custom.)


Developed to suit the needs of increased accuracy from today's marine industry the ACCUSCAN Propeller Profiler provides an efficient method to very accurately assess and measure your propeller electronically, previously this accuracy was only economically viable on much larger propellers and applications. This system allows us the highest level of accuracy, consistency and reliability.

  • Increase your fuel economy
  • Increase vessel speed
  • Reduce vibration
  • Reduce slip
  • Correct engine RPM and loading.

    Below: A Sunseeker 75' prop before and after

    Outboard lower unit damaged and repaired 

    Part way into an outboard lower leg repair